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2009 Illini Media Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees

Posted by: Kit Donahue on 2009-06-18 15:15:13

Art Anderson (WPGU, 1953-58)
Art Anderson was at WPGU the day it went on the air in December of 1953. As the first WPGU Chief Engineer, he provided the technical expertise and labor required to keep the station running. Following his years at WPGU, Art led a distinguished career as an engineer and consultant. His extensive volunteer work with the Boy Scouts, as well as numerous other community groups, is outstanding and commendable. Art continues to be one of Illini Media’s most active alums.

G. Robert Hillman (WPGU 1968: DI newsroom, 1969-72)
Bob Hillman had dedicated his life to journalism and to what the profession values most – tough-minded reporting combined with a deep understanding of the political process. His impressive newspaper career has spanned four decades, leading him to positions including deputy bureau chief in Washington and National and White House correspondent. He has covered the last seven presidential campaigns and is currently senior editor of Politico and

Charla Krupp (DI and Illio, 1971-75)
Charla Krupp is the New York Times best-selling author of “How Not to Look Old: Fast and Effortless Ways to Look Ten Years Younger, Ten Pounds Lighter, Ten Times Better.” She is an award-winning journalist nationally known for her accessible, “real woman’s” approach to fashion and beauty on television, in magazines and on the Internet. She has appeared in over 130 style segments on NBC’s Today show. Charla remains actively involved with the College of Media and in mentoring students.

Alan D. Mutter (DI newsroom, 1968-70)
Alan Mutter is a newspaperman-turned-technology entrepreneur who is internationally recognized as an authority on the challenges facing both old and new media in an era of disruptive changes. He began his career as a journalist, rising to top editing positions at the Chicago Sun-Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. His current ventures, including his online commentary “Reflections of a Newsosaur” combine Alan’s two passions – journalism and technology.

Richard Sublette (Illini Media and Daily Illini 1966-81)
Dick Sublette served as Illini Media’s Director of Advertising from 1966-70 before filling the role of General Manager from 1970-81. He is credited with several accomplishments, including “bringing The Daily Illini kicking and screaming into the modern age of newspaper production.” Dick remained actively involved in college media until his retirement in 2003. He currently finds time to participate in Tallahassee community theatre and remains a loyal member of the alumni group.

Joe Urschel (DI, WPGU and Illio, 1970-74)
Joe Urshel hit the trifecta when he worked at Illini Media, working in three of the four units that existed at the time. He currently serves as the executive director and senior vice president of the Newseum in Washington D.C., and remains dedicated to journalism in all its forms – print, broadcast and online. Prior to his position at the Newseum, Joe worked at the Detroit Free Press, followed by USA Today where he helped to develop USA Today TV.